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Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Grading




Free Range Grass Fed: Beautifully tender, lean and flavourful. This product represents a best value steak.

70 Day Grain Fed: Hand selected from premium yearling, grain fed MSA beef. A great quality, for a budget.

European Style Veal: Beautifully pink in colour, and exceedingly tender.

150 Day Grain Fed: Produced from hand selected bespoke marbled 150 day grain fed MSA beef.

Marble Score 2-6: Tender, juicy all natural free range, grass fed top tier MSA beef.

Marble Score 8+: This beef has the most outstanding flavour, is the most tender and is a quality found in the high end restaurants of Sydney.

Marbling: To assess marbling, the exposed cross-section of the rib-eye muscle is evaluated for the size, distribution and overall amount of intramuscular fat deposits.

Meat Colour: Colour is assessed using the rib-eye surface, looking for a bright red colour. Consumers consider meat colour an important indicator of quality and freshness.

Fat Colour: Examining internal fat determines the fat colour grading. White fat is considered a highly desirable attribute.

Meat Texture: Consumers are typically looking for meat to be firm, providing a sense of how the meat will feel in the mouth during chewing.