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       WEIGHT           PRICE            FAT
    300 - 400kg    -   530c/kg    -   0-25mm
    250 - 299kg    -   515c/kg    -   0-25mm
    225 - 249 kg   -   500c/kg    -   0-25mm

  • Limited offer to 325 head per week. To be eligible for this price, please refer to grid AA001 when confirming booking. 
  • Offer available on 6 and 8 tooth cows only.
  • Offer valid until July 28.
  • Must provide MSA paperwork.
  • Please note vendor declaration forms must be filled in stating Angus cross Angus in the description. Please ensure all paperwork is filled out correctly. 


Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Grading



Free Range Grass Fed: Beautifully tender, lean and flavourful. This product represents a best value steak.

70 Day Grain Fed: Hand selected from premium yearling, grain fed MSA beef. A great quality, for a budget.

European Style Veal: Beautifully pink in colour, and exceedingly tender.

150 Day Grain Fed: Produced from hand selected bespoke marbled 150 day grain fed MSA beef.

Marble Score 2-6: Tender, juicy all natural free range, grass fed top tier MSA beef.

Marble Score 8+: This beef has the most outstanding flavour, is the most tender and is a quality found in the high end restaurants of Sydney.

Marbling: To assess marbling, the exposed cross-section of the rib-eye muscle is evaluated for the size, distribution and overall amount of intramuscular fat deposits.

Meat Colour: Colour is assessed using the rib-eye surface, looking for a bright red colour. Consumers consider meat colour an important indicator of quality and freshness.

Fat Colour: Examining internal fat determines the fat colour grading. White fat is considered a highly desirable attribute.

Meat Texture: Consumers are typically looking for meat to be firm, providing a sense of how the meat will feel in the mouth during chewing.