Premium Beef Product Range



Australian retail meat professionals and independent consumers surveyed indicated they prefer to purchase beef produced under a branded program with defined standards for quality attributes, including marbling, texture, colour and diet.

Bindaree Beef established our branding program for our customer’s purchasing knowledge and convenience.

The Chairman Beef - Australian 100 Day Grain Fed Marble Score 2+ MSA Beef

The Trinity Beef - Pristine Premium Free Range Marbled MSA Beef

Fernhill Road Beef - Premium Free Range Pasture Fed MSA Beef

Cape Byron Angus - Australian Grass Fed 100% Black Angus MSA Beef

Mayfield Beef - Free Range, Grass Fed and Barley Enchanced MSA Beef

Bindaree Vintage - Hand Selected Premium Dry Age Beef

The Prestige Beef - MSA Graded Full Flavoured Beef, 70 Days Grain Fed